Featured image for “Long Beach Roundabout”

Long Beach Roundabout

RJM redeveloped the Circle Area that is centrally located in the epicenter of Long Beach. It circulates traffic four ways and adjoins two highways – 19 and Pacific Coast Highway....
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Featured image for “Huntington Beach Parks & Recreation Master Plan”

Huntington Beach Parks & Recreation Master Plan

Nicknamed “Surf City” for its beautiful wide beaches and consistently breaking surf, The City of Huntington Beach has a large and well-established park system with over seventy five parks and...
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Featured image for “Long Beach Integration Plan”

Long Beach Integration Plan

The concept of the master plan is the contrast between historic Long Beach and the new progressive movement of the City, i.e. Willmore Neighborhood and Downtown; Shoemaker Bridge Re-Use and...
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Featured image for “City of Long Beach”

City of Long Beach

City of Long BeachLONG BEACH, CA...
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Featured image for “Sea Terrace Park”

Sea Terrace Park

This is a passive park, with a mile of meandering walkways, located on Pacific Coast Highway adjacent to the Saint Regis Hotel/Monarch Beach Resort and across the street from the...
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Featured image for “Crystal Cove State Park”

Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park is located on Pacific Coast Highway between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach. Trails lead to the 3.2-mile stretch of beach, popular with swimmers, surfers and...
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Featured image for “Metro Blue Line”

Metro Blue Line

The re-design and renovation of the existing streetscape median improvements as part of the Long Beach Metro Blue Line transit facility....
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Featured image for “Worthy Park Renovation”

Worthy Park Renovation

In 2014, RJM Design Group completed a preliminary study of the existing conditions and the possible improvements to park amenities that could be made to update the existing Worthy Park...
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Featured image for “Ocean Blvd. Bluff Erosion and Enhancement”

Ocean Blvd. Bluff Erosion and Enhancement

The Ocean Boulevard Bluff Erosion and Enhancement project comprises an approximately one-mile long section of thirty (30) feet high oceanfront bluff which provides a separation between the beach and urban...
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Featured image for “Cesar E. Chavez Community Park”

Cesar E. Chavez Community Park

Cesar E. Chavez Park is located on a 12-acre site north of downtown Long Beach. Community input during the planning process, and results of the site assessment, provided the basis...
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Featured image for “Edison Skate Spot”

Edison Skate Spot

As part of the renovations at the Edison Park complex, which hosts a variety of recreational amenities for the community, the City of Huntington Beach elected to construct a new...
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Featured image for “Edison Park Conceptual Plan Community Outreach”

Edison Park Conceptual Plan Community Outreach

Originally built in the 1970’s, the Edison Community Park was developed on top of a county landfill. After many years, the park has begun to settle due to natural geotechnical...
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Featured image for “Grant Howald Park”

Grant Howald Park

Grant Howald Park is a 3.5 acre park that has been serving the community of Newport Beach since 1954 as a popular community destination with a large multi-purpose field space,...
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Featured image for “C. David Molina Park”

C. David Molina Park

Molina Park is a four-acre neighborhood park that shares its western border with the Dominguez Gap Wetlands Trail along the Los Angeles River....
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Featured image for “Laguna Coast Wilderness Park General Development Plan”

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park General Development Plan

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is 6,300 acres of open space wilderness rich in resource diversity. As a significant portion of Orange County’s Coastal – Central Subregion of the Natural Communities...
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Featured image for “St. Catherine of Siena Church”

St. Catherine of Siena Church

The church and rectory occupy a beautiful, gently sloping site on the higher ground back from the highway and overlooking the entire city and a long section of ocean frontage....
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Featured image for “Tracy Aquatics Center”

Tracy Aquatics Center

The design character of the project is Coastal Victorian Resort, and is based upon the precept of delivering a project that feels like a resort swim center, not a typical...
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Featured image for “Belmont Temporary Pool”

Belmont Temporary Pool

The pool was installed to provide services offered by Belmont Pool Natatorium, which was permanently closed when it was deemed seismically and structurally unsafe. The natatorium will be replaced with...
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