Keeping community services running faces significant challenges today. RJM Design Group can help develop your communications plan with easy to deploy tools that enable a two-way dialogue with your community members. Whether you are prioritizing reopening of community facilities or developing new projects, the following tools will help bring the community together in a safe virtual environment where every voice matters.     

Public Communications Portal

Develop a single point of connection for your community to weigh in on issues, share feedback, and discover resources with dynamic mapping, infographics, videos, and surveys. Build a controlled dialogue with your community to keep them informed and solicit information necessary for the success of any project. 

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Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Expand your outreach through a series of pre-recorded and live meetings online. Share updates, project news, timelines, and even build consensus with direct live online polling. Virtual town hall meetings are an easy way to keep your community informed through existing social media platforms supplemented with RJM’s live broadcast and polling resources.


LIVE Online Polling

So many people are busy these days. Community meetings often do not fit in busy schedules. Whether it is youth sports, late work schedules, national sports, elections, or even government stay at home directives, LIVE polling enables everyone to take part from their smart phones or PCs and share their ideas. Participants can vote LIVE creating a community consensus in real time.

Mapping Community Needs

Not just any simple Q&A internet survey. RJM employs specific ESRI survey tools to create in depth surveys where participants can answer questions in new and innovative ways. The results are geolocated and mapped to identify where specific needs are in the community. Infographics are developed to share results back with the community.

Virtual Facility Tour

Not every site is easily accessible to the public. To accurately convey a sense of place and truly inform participants of potential opportunities whether it be a new project site tour, a grand opening, or construction updates, 360 videos and photos can bring a new environment to your residents.

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