Dana Point

Dana Point, CA

P&R Master Plans

The development of the Master Plan was built upon community input.  Many residents participated in the planning process.  The 2001 mail survey of 1,736 residents was provided as a starting point and foundation for the Master Plan.  In addition, outreach included community workshops, random telephone surveys, stakeholder interviews, workshop surveys, and a sports user group questionnaire.  City Staff also participated to provide insight and guidance in this effort. 

Extensive consultation, research, and analysis were combined to produce the Master Plan.  Through the planning efforts involved in the Master Plan process, needs and concerns of residents were considered and incorporated into the final document that creates a common vision for the future of the community in support of the General Plan.

Key Elements

  • Estimate Population of 42,561 by 2025
  • City of Dana Point Owns and Controls 65.7 Acres of Public Parkland at 21 Sites
  • Adopted September 2005