Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Big Bear Lake, CA

Animal Facilities

The Big Bear Alpine Zoo is an animal rehabilitation facility that is nestled in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest. RJM was a part of the design team responsible for developing a brand new animal care facility on a new parcel in close proximity to the original facility. Working directly with the lead consultant zoo designers, RJM carefully designed a landscape that not only served as a beautiful backdrop to the new facility, but also a botanical garden that would teach visitors how native plants and animals interact. Special attention had to be taken in crafting a precise list of plant material that would not only thrive in the unique alpine lake climate, but also be pyrophytic (fireproof) due to potential wildfires, and non-toxic to the animals and visitors alike. The final product was a beautiful natural habitat for recovering wildlife while serving as a biological learning center for all generations and for years to come.

Key Elements

  • Animal Rehabilitation Center
  • Alpine Climate, Pyrophytic Plant Material