FTP Site Directions

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In order to better serve our clients, RJM Design Group has an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) site for uploading and downloading files larger than 8 megabytes that cannot be sent via email. This is a secure site that contains information for consultants and other business partners to facilitate project coordination and communication. A user name and password are required to access this site. Your password is supplied to you by your RJM Design Group Project Manager at 949-493-2600. (NOTE: User Name and Password are case sensitive). Remember that FTP file upload and download times vary; they are determined by modem speed, ISP capacity, and other factors. Should you have any problems uploading or receiving files from our ftp site, please contact our IT Network and Systems Administrator at 949-493-2600.

1. By accepting this information you are acknowledging that the enclosed electronic media (and hard copy, if any) are provided at your request.

2. RJM Design Group, Inc. hereby disclaims any and all responsibility from any results obtained in use of this electronic media and does not guarantee any accuracy of the information.

3. The information provided by RJM Design Group, Inc. shall not be used for any purpose other than for the project referenced in the information and shall not be released to any other party without the written consent of RJM Design Group, Inc. The information contained in the electronic media is an instrument of professional services and shall remain the property of RJM Design Group, Inc.

4. The file data is based on the original work product and at the time this media is transferred by RJM Design Group, Inc. to the initial user (i.e. the person directly acquiring the file data from RJM Design Group, Inc.). No other representation or warranty concerning the file data is made by RJM Design Group, Inc. and its use by any person is solely at such person’s risk. Likewise, RJM Design Group, Inc. makes no representations or warranties concerning the original work product on which the file data is based.

5. Without RJM Design Group, Inc.’s prior written consent, the file data shall not be (i) modified, added to or rearranged, or (ii) used for any purpose or project other than that for which it was originally acquired by the initial user, or (iii) provided or sold to any third party, the file data being solely for the use of the initial user, RJM Design Group, Inc.’s consent may ne conditioned on receiving reasonable compensation and/or assurances and indemnities.

6. It shall be the initial user’s responsibility to determine the compatibility of the file data with the initial user’s computer software and hardware, use of the file data constitutes the agreement of the initial user (or any other user) to the foregoing terms and conditions.

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