Encinitas Skate Park

Encinitas, CA

Sports Facilities

As part of the larger Encinitas Community Park, the City opened its new 33,000 sq. ft. Skate Park facility to the public on January 10, 2015. RJM Design Group, Action Sports Development LLC, and a local Skate Park Core Focus Group comprising of top skateboarding professionals and the skateboarding media and industry teamed together to develop the City’s first “Wheel Friendly” Skate Plaza that is ADA accessible and has pedestrian friendly pathways. The project gained traction with support from the “Tony Hawk Foundation”, Transworld Magazine, and several other skateboarding industry businesses.

The massive Skate Plaza consists mostly of street elements with vividly colored concrete hubbas, stairs, and banks, and features a backyard pool-styled bowl with spectator seating throughout.  Developing adequate community ingress and egress to ADA Compliant facilities, off-street parking spaces was a critical component in the City’s wish list.  Wheel Friendly environments within the park that provide challenging terrain for all ages regardless of experience or types of wheel apparatus are what make this Skate Park exceptional.

Key Elements

  • “Wheel Friendly” Skate Plaza
  • Backyard Pool-styled Bowl
  • Accommodates All Ages & Abilities
  • ADA Accessible
  • Spectator Seating