Long Beach Roundabout

Long Beach, CA


RJM redeveloped the Circle Area that is centrally located in the epicenter of Long Beach.  It circulates traffic four ways and adjoins two highways – 19 and Pacific Coast Highway. The main objective for this site was to create a round-a-bout that celebrated the City of Long Beach and showcased their brand to the community.  RJM executed a vision by strategically placing four monumental towers throughout the center that occur at the terminus of each of the four streets that unite as one. These towers are also light fixtures that provide an ambience and a clear direction for the safety of drivers at night.  With water conservation and low maintenance a top priority, we eliminated turf and utilized rock cobble and decomposed granite surfacing. The new planting areas are designed to have drought tolerant plants that will be low maintenance and long-lasting. In addition, the project has been designed to retain storm water and promote ground water recharge.

Key Elements

  • 2.7 Acre Project
  • City Focal Point