Recreation Master Plan Toolkit

RJM is committed to our clients by keeping their community’s recreation development and outreach methods running. Even with social distancing in effect we have seen an increase of people outside going for walks hiking, bicycling, or kicking a soccer ball around in a park.

We are connected, now more than ever before, with Virtual Town Hall Meetings, Live Polling Events, and basic Social Media posts.

These efforts reinforce not just a sense of place but a sense of community.


We can assist our clients with the following services:

  • Live Online Virtual Town Hall Meetings
    – Stay connected with the community through pre-recorded or live meetings hosted on Facebook or Vimeo.
    – Respond to community questions live or via text replies online.
  • Live Audience Polling
    – Get responses and build community-wide consensus instantly in a live online polling session.
  • Dynamic ESRI Story Website
    – Don’t just hold one meeting. Instead, build a community hub where you can illustrate the story of your project.
    – Allow participants to take virtual tours, become informed, and provide immediate feedback as a project develops.
  • Online Geolocational Surveys
    – Not just any online survey. Harnessing the power of ESRI mapping tools, participant responses are geolocated and cross-referenced to tapestry demographics.
    – Survey design is visual. Allowing participants to identify with images rather than overly complex technical questions.

Connecting community through collaborative communication strategies


Live Online Virtual Town Hall Meetings


Live Audience Polling


Dynamic ESRI Story Website


Online Geolocational Surveys

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