Recreation Reboot

Prioritize your “next steps” to take after the stay at home directive lifts with clear feedback from your community. Discover your current and future recreation demand down to specific neighborhoods through powerful geo-located data. Evaluate your online revenue strategies and future “in person” class programming. RJM’s custom community feedback surveys and communication strategies will help cities begin to take their recreation back out to the community.

Its safe to say our world has changed forever. We have come together, closer than ever through online resources. This is not a technological evolution but simply one of utilization. We have all been forced to pick up the tablet and learn how to explore and communicate virtually.

That communication has opened the door to a vast range of programming opportunities. Working with your community you can capture a local demand and refocus the programs available based on what your community needs most today. Recreation trends can be organized into six major categories:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Changing Lifestyles / Technology
  • Society and Economy
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Demographic Shift / Seniors
  • Sustainability and the Urban Environment

Four of the six categories have dramatically shifted in the last few months. Understanding how to manage the community’s expectations with the change in the economy will be critical as we move forward.

RJM continues to work with local agencies to reach out and explore their community’s wants and needs for recreation. These needs are then geolocated to understand exactly where recreation improvement can take place and what programs are critical to recover. Additionally, what programs can be transformed to online resources and increase a return on investment while providing expanded services to a greater number of participants.

Understanding your community can also lead to assisting the recently disadvantaged and providing a path to recovery. Mapping out unemployment, senior needs, and childcare can provide a clearer picture of the growing need, enabling municipalities to develop a plan of action.

Ultimately knowing what the needs exist in the community can also assist with understand staffing levels. RJM has assisted many of our clients with reviewing department staffing levels, CIP funding, and operations and maintenance implications. Let RJM be a resource for your future planning efforts.

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