St. Catherine of Siena Church

Laguna Beach, CA

Institutional Facilities

The church and rectory occupy a beautiful, gently sloping site on the higher ground back from the highway and overlooking the entire city and a long section of ocean frontage.

The site design provided by RJM includes the re-contouring of the existing slope, north of the existing structure. The hillside was configured to provide for a meditative trail traversing the grade and punctuated with trellis framed seating area.

Site retaining walls were designed to create hospitality areas to the north and between the church and the rectory. A re-circulating low volume water feature was designed as the focal element of the patio plaza area. Mediterranean plantings were provide along the projects streetscape and garden area. Organized to frame views and articulate garden areas, these plants successfully consider and respond to the community and regional character.

Key Elements

  • Retaining Wall
  • Water Feature
  • Mediterranean Plantings
  • Garden Area
  • Patio Plaza Area