What Tools Are Right For Your Aganecy?

In each community that RJM has developed a successful recreation Master Plan there has always been a need for local trends versus national trends. RJM’s Toolkit empowers cities, districts, and municipalities to take control with powerful data, but without costly planning efforts. Deploy only the tools that meet your community’s needs.
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What tools are right for your agency?

Budgets are not unlimited. Allocating resources to plan for an agency-wide recreation assessment may seem daunting. That is why RJM has developed our Planning Toolkit for communities of all sizes. The tools identified in the 2021 Toolkit are designed to maximize the information delivered and reduce the overall cost of extensive planning efforts. These tools can be built upon and combined in any order to address only the specific areas you need assessed today. Some tools may be updated on an annual basis developing a trendline of your community’s growth, so you can better predict recreation patterns specific to your community.

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