C. David Molina Park

Long Beach, CA


Molina Park is a four-acre neighborhood park that shares its western border with the Dominguez Gap Wetlands Trail along the Los Angeles River. Park amenities include an innovative play area, colorful wind sails that offer shade and interest, a state of the art organic fill synthetic turf soccer field, a group fitness equipment area with individual fitness stations along a loop walking trail, parking for fifty cars, restroom building, picnic tables, low water use trees and shrubs and access to the adjacent the bike trail.

The design character will attract the active neighborhood user and soccer families, as well as the passive park user seeking nature and green space within an urban setting. The park was dedicated to the late C. David Molina was an emergency room physician that treated many low income uninsured residents. Beginning in 1980 with a single clinic, he built Molina Healthcare into a Fortune 500 company that today serves more than 5 million.

Key Elements

  • 4 acre park
  • Synthetic Turf Soccer Field
  • Walking Trail
  • Fitness Station
  • Picnic Tables
  • Shade Structures