Cameron Park Community Center

Cameron Park, CA

Community Centers

A public design workshop process was utilized in the Cameron Park Community Services District to gain valuable program and design input from the community. A consensus was reached quickly and support for the project broadened by a public awareness campaign that ultimately proved successful on the ballot for a district wide bond measure to fund the project.

The programmed facilities for the community center include the following: double-wide gymnasium, teen activity center, meeting rooms, CSD offices, assembly/performance hall with stage, full service kitchen and separate concessions, a 25 yard 10-lane competition swimming pool, waterslide, 1m and 3m diving boards, an outdoor dining café/reception area, shade-covered bleachers, and generous areas for group picnics.

A major priority from the workshop consensus program was to provide ample opportunities for revenue generation for the long-term sustainability of the community center project. The master plan provides this while at the same time providing much needed community–wide recreation amenities. The construction budget for this project was $8 million. The project was completed in October 2009, and was honored with a prestigious California Parks and Recreation Society Award of Excellence for Community Center design in 2010.

Key Elements

  • Public Design Workshop
  • Double-wide Gymnasium
  • Teen Activity Center
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Assembly/Performance Hall
  • Full Service Kitchen
  • 25 yd. 10-lane Competition Swimming Pool
  • Waterslide
  • 1m and 3m diving boards
  • Outdoor Dining Café/Reception Area
  • Shade Covered Bleachers
  • Picnic Areas