Cordova Park

Mission Viejo, CA


The Cordova Park renovation encompassed the complete overhaul of the existing play area, as well as the addition of improvements to the trail system through the neighboring greenbelt.  Outdated play equipment and safety surfacing was replaced with the latest in modern play features and rubber surfacing, dubbing the new play area as “The Hive.”  Littered with thematic play elements, interpretive educational signage, color schemes, and even sculptural elements, park visitors engage not only physically but intellectually as well.  Hexagonal-shaped conversational seating areas dot the play area like a honeycomb, including parents into the acts of play versus on the fringes of it.  Wooden split-rail fences keep children safe and corralled in the play area and away from surrounding residential streets and instead down the asphalt trails away from traffic.  The trails were all re-surfaced and finished with pedestrian lighting to keep the greenbelt safe and visible for residents.

Key Elements

  • Thematic Play Area
  • Greenbelt Connection
  • Educational Signage
  • Incorporated Seating Areas