Foster Road Greenbelt

Newport Coast, CA

Open Space

Challenge: To introduce topographically interesting site amenities into a relatively flat, linear trail and replace the asphalt bike trail. Address height restrictions and shade issues at existing freeway overpass locations along the bike trail. Preserve and assess the health of existing heritage trees. Provide emergency/maintenance access to the trail, and address biker safety at intersection of street and bike trail.
Solution: A concrete multi-purpose trail meanders through expanses of colorful foliage and flowering accent shrubs, interspersed with large, granite boulders. The bike trail was graded to incorporate a rock/cobble dry streambed with low pedestrian bridge crossings. Bench seating areas are located along the trail to encourage enjoyment of the natural setting.
Technology/Environmental Considerations: The site is graded so all nuisance water drains into a dry streambed which serves as a bioswale. Planting beds were mulched to help retain soil moisture for plants, reducing evapotranspiration and minimizing weed maintenance. Plant materials were selected for low water usage and shade tolerance at underpass areas.

Key Elements

  • Greenbelt Trail
  • Heritage Tree Preservation
  • Emergency/Maintenance Access
  • Rock/Cobble Dry Streambed
  • Stormwater Management