JCSD (Jurupa Community Services District)

Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD), Eastvale, CA

P&R Master Plans

In 2012, RJM Design Group completed a Parks and Recreation Master Plan for the Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) Parks and Recreation Department, which provides services in northwestern Riverside County within the boundary of the City of Eastvale. The Master Plan serves as a guide and implementation tool for the management and development of parks and recreational facilities and programs and is part of the defined strategy of the JCSD Parks and Recreation Department to achieve its objective of providing high quality parks, facilities and recreation programs which meet the needs of the community through a process that engages, community leaders and civic organizations.

RJM utilized methods of community involvement including a telephone survey, stakeholder interviews, community workshops, and workshop attendee questionnaires, which provided an understanding of community issues, recreational facility and program usage patterns, and community needs for parks and recreation facilities and programs. RJM provided recommendations for programs and facilities, facility costs, and opportunities for potential funding sources.

Due to an explosion in population and housing developments during 2013-2018, RJM was asked to update the 2012 master plan to include the needs of the new population and demographics. The update focused on key elements including sports organization demand analysis, population demographics analysis, and local trends review for new recreation elements. The final update included new estimates for proposed park improvements.

Key Elements

  • Completed 2012
  • Updated 2018
  • Community Workshops
  • Facility Needs Assessment
  • Community Park Concepts