Prime Desert Woodland Preserve

Lancaster, CA

Open Space

The Prime Desert Woodland Preserve is a 160-acre natural open space area set aside to protect and preserve exceptional stands of desert vegetation including Joshua Trees and California Junipers.

Development of the program for the Prime Desert Woodland Preserve was a direct result of a community workshop process with additional input obtained from a specially formed Desert Woodland Interpretive Committee and City Staff.  The comprehensive master plan was designed to balance the need to protect and preserve the natural resources of the site with the desire to allow public access for interpretive activities. Unique to the project is the straw bale Interpretive Center.  This alternative building technique will have less impact on the environment, not only in initial embodied energy, but long term savings in heating and cooling costs.  The first phase of the project includes the Interpretive Center, parking, interpretive trails and signage, and a desert garden.

Key Elements

  • 160-acre Natural Open Space
  • Interpretive Center (Straw Bale Construction)
  • Gravel Parking Lot
  • Interpretive Trails and Signage Desert Garden