Santa Monica Civic Multi-Purpose Sports Field

Santa Monica, CA

Sports Facilities

The City of Santa Monica adopted a comprehensive update to the Santa Monica Civic Center Specific Plan (CCSP) in 2005 with amendments made in 2018. The plan includes extensive redevelopment of the site to accommodate open space improvements, circulation, cultural uses, transit-oriented development and mixed use. The site is bounded by Pico Boulevard, Fourth Street, Ocean Avenue and the I-10 freeway, and currently includes governmental and institutional uses. At the southern end of the study area, the Civic Auditorium surface parking was proposed as an above and below grade parking structure, with land made available for park purposes. RJM assisted the City of Santa Monica, studying feasibility options for the proposed Specific Plan improvements, relative to the parking structure and park component. The schematic design phase of the project examined site plan alternatives and identified a preferred concept plan, that excluded the underground parking structure and was prepared for further design development study.

RJM then prepared construction documents, specifications and estimates to include the design of a synthetic turf, multi-purpose sports field, pre-fabricated restroom building, perimeter fencing and ball containment netting, perimeter landscape with meandering decomposed granite walkways, pedestrian circulation, project signage, musco sport lighting, pedestrian walkway lighting, vehicular maintenance access, and efficient irrigation design. The site is approximately 3.5 acres in size and includes 105,000SF of synthetic turf with a drainage system designed with subsurface flat drains spaced 20’-0” OC, HDPE perimeter subdrains and a 4” drainage course section.

The facility also includes a permanent structure created by artist April Banks. “A Resurrection in Four Stanzas” by April Banks was commissioned through the City of Santa Monica’s Percent for Art Program and made possible by Cultural Affairs and Public Works Departments. The structure was fabricated by Arktura and installed by RAMCO. Photos courtesy of April Banks and Leroy Hamilton, 2021.

"In my daydreams I long for my grandparents' front yard, the stage for a story waiting to be told. With a glass of sweet tea and a giggle of gossip, we sit in the cool evening breeze, whispered from the nearby sea waves." ―April Banks, 2020

Key Elements

  • Multi-purpose Sports Fields
  • Permanent Art Structure
  • Synthetic Turf
  • Perimeter Landscaping
  • Perimeter Fencing & Netting
  • Pedestrian Walkways