Temecula, CA

P&R Master Plans

The Community Services Master Plan process commenced with an examination of the characteristics that define the community, and an inventory of the existing recreational opportunities and resources available within the city.  Temecula’s Community Services Department includes Arts and Culture, Homeless Outreach, Library Services.  The City prides itself on providing inclusive services for the disabled, veterans, and the senior populations. Established methods of community involvement included a multi-modal survey, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, a sports organization questionnaire, and ward specific community workshops. Community issues, recreational facility and program usage patterns and the community needs for parks and recreation facilities were developed.  Identified needs, facility usage patterns, recreation standards and population projections provide the basis for the quantification of facilities required to meet identified community needs were identified.  Trail connections and regional trail goals were identified.  The final report will include inventory, assessment and recommendations for parks, recreation facilities, programs, trails, arts and culture, and staffing.  Operations and maintenance recommendations and a financial strategy plan will summarize an implementation plan for the city.

Key Elements

  • Currently in Progress
  • Ward Specific Community Workshops
  • Multi-Modal Survey
  • Regional Trail Goal Identification
  • Financial Strategy Plan