Anaheim Resort Area

Anaheim, CA


To develop design elements for the first segment of the Disney Resort concept to be applied to all subsequent phases of the resort development and to mitigate the scale of the narrow parkways and broad widths of connector and arterial streets.

All paving materials, site furnishings and landscape design elements were consistent with the Disney Resort Area Design Standards. These standards required the design and detailing of diagonally-scored parkway pedestrian paving and thematic site furnishings, including bus shelters, newspaper racks, and benches.

Streetscape improvements on Harbor Boulevard provide for both hardscape and softscape elements within the project right-of-ways. The vertical scale of the palm trees offsets the horizontal scale of the broad arterial streets. Alternating Queen Palms and Cape Chestnut trees with an understory of Daylilies and Bird of Paradise, complement the overall landscape theme within the Anaheim Resort area.

Key Elements

  • Disney Resort Area Theming
  • Thematic Pedestrian Paving, Site Furnishings, Bus Shelters, Newspaper Racks, Benches
  • Hardscape and Softscape Improvements