Bear Brand

Laguna Niguel, CA

Master Planned Communities

The 500-acre master planned community of Bear Brand includes residential developments, recreational developments, common area slopes and streetscapes.  A natural canyon was designed to fulfill State Fish and Game Mitigation requirements. This four-acre mitigation area was designed to enhance the riparian environment along the drainage course through the placement of boulder weirs to encourage retention of drainage water, and the establishment of indigenous and other native plant materials within the mitigation area. A dense barrier planting concept was utilized where feasible to discourage human intrusion and promote a more conducive natural environment for wildlife habitation.

RJM Design Group was responsible for the thematic community concept formulation and landscape architectural design for multi-family development, the park site, and the common area slopes and streetscape.

Key Elements

  • 500-Acre Master Planned Community
  • 4-Acre Mitigation Area
  • Restrooms/Concession Buildings
  • Native Plant Materials
  • Natural Environment for Wildlife Habitation