The Colonies at San Antonio

Upland, CA

Master Planned Communities

The Colonies at San Antonio is a 440-acre mixed use planned community of residential, commercial, and recreational development. The intent of the master plan design was to create an overall unifying sense of community identity while preserving the existing and historic character of the City of Upland.

The residential community of The Colonies at San Antonio is defined by neighborhood entry landscape treatments and traditional streetscape planting. Streets that serve individual neighborhoods are not through streets, but cul-de-sacs or loop roads to reduce through traffic and promote the sense of neighborhood. Neighborhood trail links to the riparian and native upland habitat of the restored detention basin bring the site’s natural resources into the community. The trail connections provide direct access to the natural open space and the Cucamonga Creek Channel Regional Trail.

The streetscape design establishes visual continuity throughout the Colonies at San Antonio, creating a distinctive community identity. Streetscape design standards are consistent with the historic character and rural quality of Upland’s heritage. Street right-of-way, pavement, parkway, and median conditions are design factors integrated into the development of the streetscape design. Special landscape design treatments are implemented throughout the site, utilizing consistent tree species, accent planting, enriched hardscape materials, walls, and signage.

Key Elements

  • Neighborhood Trail Links
  • Detention Basin
  • Natural Open Space
  • Accent Planting